Gasholder on basement

Usually, the standard gasholder is mounted on a foundation plate (concrete, steel, etc.). The seal to the ground is made via an additional base membrane.

Application: Waste water treatment plants, industrial plants
Usual pressure range at waste water plants: 20mbar


-Plant specific design
-Easy to maintain
-High pressure possible
-High wind-and snowloads possible
-Installation on concrete foundation, steel plate, etc.
-Safe and efficient anchoring system
-Simple and safe system, less components, reliable gas detection system can be installed
-Special blower to prevent pressure changes while 24/7 operation
-Measurement with 4-20mA output signal to control plants PLC
-European membranes according biogas rulesheets
-Separate air in /air out – system, to prevent discoloration
of outer membrane. Also smoothens pressure curve
-Automatically closing claps at the air in / air out system
-Reliable hydraulic safety valve
-Electrical components according to ATEX

Main components

Non-return clap
Pressure adjust clap
Safety valve
Level measurement
Outer membrane
Inner membrane
Base membrane
Inspection window

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