Single membrane roof

At plants (without gas storage) which only need a roof for weather-protection and emission reduction, FERMATOP provides single membrane tops, in two different options:

Pneumatic cover

The outer membrane will be inflated and tensioned by the use of a low power blower.
-For high wind-and snow loads
-Easy to maintain
-Odor will be transported to a single point: perfect to apply filters
-Ideal at high tanks – no mast needed
-Upgradeable to a full function double membrane gasholder

Main components

Non-return clap
Air outlet with pressure adjust clap

Pre-tensioned roof

The outer membrane will not be tensioned by a blower. The pre-tensioning will be done
by a special concave cutted membrane combining a centerpole, that tensions the membrane.
-perfect at small tanks
-Ventilation openings to prevent overpressure
-Manhole to do inside revisions

Main components

Center pole
Top pole plate

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