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With 15 years of activity in the field of biogas, and the component double membrane gas storage in particular, the company founders gained extensive experience in the design and construction of gas storage facilities, as well as comprehensive information on the individual interfaces.


The quality product double membrane gas storage

Experience has shown, that different quality requirements are made, and ultimately at the expense of the customer. This is supported by country-wide different guidelines. Common standards are not available, usually.

The reputation of the technically good product Doublemembrane gasholder has been damaged slightly in the past, as low-cost suppliers deliver the lowest quality due to price pressure. What is neither economical for the operator in the long run, nor does it represent a high level of operational safety.

From this experience we had the idea to start our own business, but with the aim to deliver the best possible quality at the best possible price. Unfortunately, the best quality at the lowest price is wishful thinking, which prohibits the law of the market economy alone.

However, it is possible to offer the BEST quality at the BEST price.

This is our principle.

How we work

Thanks to our lean corporate structure, without bloated corporate character, we are not only able to work quickly and customer-oriented, but also particularly economically and cost-effectively.

Long-standing contacts with various suppliers also helps us in the coherent selection of good individual components, and in the reduction of costs.

Thus, our customers have the certainty, in addition to the direct contact to get the uncompromising best product at the best price.




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