Gasholder on basement

Gasholder installed on tank

Single membrane roof


FERMATOP guarantees high-quality components for long-term economic solutions

PVC coated polyester fabrics with tear strengths up to 10000/8500 N / 5cm

Biogas resistant membrane

Stainless steel parts only (AISI 304 and AISI 316)

Supplier and production facilities within Europe

Membrane production according to ISO 9001

Explosion proof electrical components according to ATEX

Best operational safety

To ensure best possible operational safety, special radial blowers (flat pressure curve) in combination with an adjustable air outlet clap will be installed. This will prevent pressure changes. Hydraulic safety valves are used to protect the system.

100% fulfilling relevant standards

Every FERMATOP gasholder will be designed and built according to normed standards. They fulfill relevant rulesheets for biogas plants.

Flexible in design and size

Standard storage sizes are available from 10m³ to 20,000m³. Further sizes, dimensions and shapes are developed according to customer specifications and requirements.

Individually planable

FERMATOP gas storage tanks are always individually calculated and assembled in order to meet the plant-specific requirements without compromise.



Safely supplied & & equipped for the future


Planning, Delivery & & Installation

Plant data and drawings are professionally coordinated with the customer and specific features are evaluated. After completion of the production, we provide a complete installation team or a supervisor to guide local workers.

Exchange, Extension & & Conversion

Of course we offer comprehensive services for existing gas storage tanks, both for our own and other manufacturers.

Inspection & Repair

We carry out inspections and leak tests and issue the necessary official evidence. Depending on the possibility, repairs are carried out immediately on site or at the factory.


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